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Aug 292011
Adobe Photoshop Redfine Edges tutorial video how to

Adobe Photoshop Refine Edges dialog

The Adobe Photoshop Refine Edges dialog is one of the best things to come along, and be improved, since the Quick Selection Tool. Refine Edges is powerful and useful, but the interface is, well, kind of challenging. It is definitely one of those features which needs explanation in the form of tutorials and videos.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions, from students and other users of Photoshop, on how to use Refine Edges.

PhotographyUncapped has collected some of the 10 best Refine Edges videos, tutorials, tips, and how-to articles taken from ‘official’ Adobe sources, such as Adobe TV and Adobe Photoshop Support.

There you have it: 10 Adobe Photoshop Refine Edges How-to Tips Tutorials Videos, of varying depth, and, dare I say, clarity.

If you are new to Refine Edges, we recommend that you start out with the first 4 videos, and the last 4 Adobe Photoshop Support pages

We hope that helps you in some ways.


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  1. I LOVE quick selection, so I can’t wait to able to use this!!!!! thanks

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