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Aug 192011
Japanese Tsunami Photograph Retouch projec

Japanese Tsunami Photograph Retouch project - Credit: Courtesy of All Hands Volunteers

Volunteer photo retouchers are repairing more than 55, 000 photographs found in the remains and ruins left by tsunami flooding.

NPR has a good article (by Frank Langfitt) and podcast available. All Hands Volunteers a non-profit, has been working on the images by cleaning, and digitally retouching the damaged photos.

“It’s a shame that damage has gone up so far on this lady, but most of her face is there,” says Becci Manson, a volunteer with All Hands, as she examines figures in the picture.

In Japan, Restoring Photos For Tsunami Victims

The Japan Tsunami Photo Retouch story podcast download from NPR


One of the volunteers is Bob Whitmore. Whitmore used to work with Manson in New York and learned about the photo rescue project on Facebook. He has already restored two pictures and is working on a third from his home in Metuchen, N.J.

Sometimes, Whitmore has to restore people’s bodies, or backdrops have been blotted out by water. He uses Photoshop to restore a piece of clothing or reconstruct a room.

“Using the laws of perspective, if you’ve got a wall coming up and a ceiling coming over, you can kind of figure out where they should meet,” he says in a Skype interview.

Take a look and a listen.

  4 Responses to “Photos Rescued from Japanese Tsunami Are Being Restored in Volunteer Retouch Project”

  1. I heard about this on NPR, great story isn’t it? Pictures are always the first thing that victims of natural disasters comment that they miss………….

  2. How can we volenteer our help.

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