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Mar 072011

Adobe Audition CS5.5 for Mac screenshot

Now that we’re fully into yet another Adobe Silly Season, and the CS6 or CS5.5 conjectures are being reported like so many unidentified flying rumors, this possibly leaked Adobe document link was received by . It seems that an Adobe PDF, speaking of third-party licensing notifications for Adobe Audition CS 5.5, is available directly from the Adobe website, and is fully findable on Internet web searches.

As you may know from reading other of our posts regarding rumors of impending hardware and software releases, PhotographyUncapped generally doesn’t buy into believing such things. This one is hard to ignore however.

We find it surprising that it’s on Adobe’s public site. Make of it what you will, for as long as it is it is up on their site.

Third-Party Legal Notices Adobe Audition CS5.5 May Include…

By our reading of it, it does appeared to be an older document, but it does speak of new CS5.5 software, which is unusual for Adobe to leak out.

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  1. it’s a surprise to see something from adobe on CS5.5 so early

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