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Dec 202009
The Adobe Genesis Project - An unofficial interpretation of the site header

The Adobe Genesis Project - An unofficial interpretation of the site header

Adobe Beginner Classes on Photoshop going up as a podcast on Adobe TV.

Adobe’s Dennis Radeke has posted, “A blog for beginners in the creative space. Beginner to intermediate tips, tricks and tutorials on several Adobe products, especially After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Who knows what else!”

Dennis is still seeking feedback from readers and users:
“One temporary bummer is that I can only upload so much content per month and as a result, I do not have the ability to upload the entire catalog of shows for everyone.  As a result, I’m working on the very first shows which, while good, are not the current ones that I think more people would be interested in.  Still, I hope that you will do me the kindness and subscribe to them and tell your friends.  I should be up to current stuff in a couple of months.  Right now, my podcast submission is in review.

So, hopefully by early 2010, we will see Adobe Beginner Classes, on Adobe TV, iTunes and Vimeo.  Anywhere else I should put them?

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Can you guess?

Can you guess?

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  2 Responses to “Adobe Beginner Classes on Adobe TV Podcast Announced”

  1. What is Adobe TV? I guess if I have to ask, I’m not techie enough to know…………

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