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Apr 272010

ACR 6 Showing New CS5 Lens Correction Feature in Adobe Camera RAW 6 + Lightroom 3

The rumors are true. ACR 6 (Adobe Camera RAW 6) and Lightroom 3 will have the new feature of Photoshop CS5, Lens Correction built in.

I have been itching to post this, but I was under an Adobe NDA. Now that John Nack has posted this on his blog, it is out in the open.

Lens Correction is my personal favorite new feature of Photoshop CS5.
See: Lens Correction – Len Profiles – Great New Feature in Adobe Photoshop CS5

This great new CS5 feature, Lens Correction, will be operable from inside Photoshop CS5 and within ACR allowing Lens Correction to be run out of Bridge and Mini-Bridge as well. I especially like the new Noise Reduction, the improved image processing quality based on the 2010 algorithms, the new sharpening quality, and the demosaicing quality of ACR 6. With Lens Correction thrown in, it is a clear leader in the Photoshop CS5 new features. And, it is in both the standard version of Photoshop CS5 as well as Photoshop CS5 Extended.

There is a new video showing how Lens Correction can work within ACR, and also briefly covers the Lens Profiler software.

Don’t forget that viewing the video full frame can be better.

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  4 Responses to “Adobe Camera RAW ACR 6 and Lightroom 3 Will Have New CS5 Lens Correction Feature”

  1. Adobe Team
    Raw in CS5 is so great…..Wow what a time, guessing saver this is.
    Thank You

    • HI Gale,

      I agree that ACR is a great plug in.

      To be clear, this is not an ‘official’ Adobe site.
      The only official sites are the ones with ‘Adobe’ in the URL.

      and, I’m merely a member of the Prerelease (beta) team, not an Adobe employee.

      The Adobe team does deserve great kudos.


  2. wow, thanks for so many GREAT articles on Photoshop!!!

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