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Feb 232010

Dr. Russell Brown at the Adobe 20th Anniversary - A Photoshop Odyssey

Adobe’s Creative Director, Dr. Russell Brown does it again. See the very entertaining presentation he made at the Photoshop 20th Anniversary celebration on Adobe TV.

View it at – Episode: 2010: A Photoshop Odyssey


  2 Responses to “Adobe Creative Director Dr. Russell Brown Entertains the Photoshop 20th Anniversary Crowd”

  1. hi dr. brown

    very frankly – I enjoy your photoshop video tutorials very much….btw I am creative / art director @infomedia18 (network 18 group) – also preparing for ACE exams ..and your tutorials had very helped me.

    btw – If I pass the ACE exam. would be honored to work with you…and learn from you. – pls let me know.

    keep writing

    Mangesh C Sannake
    +91 9892924066

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