Adobe CS6 CS5.5 Silly Season is Officially Here

Adobe CS 5.5 CS 6 Silly Season of Rumors

Everywhere we turn these days there are rumors of Adobe CS 6 or CS 5.5, updates, downloads, and new version feature details. Are they true? And,“Where do they all come from?” as the Beatles said in Eleanor Rigby.

Well, there sure are a lot of such things floating around the web these days. Many can be traced back to an Appleinsider post in January. The link has been posted so many times on so many sites, I’ll leave it for you to find on your own rather than adding just one more link to it.

Most of this still seems like mere rumors at this point, even though several sites seem to have lots of details, including new features, and possible cost structures, including subscriptions to Adobe software, as mentioned back in July 2010 on one site. photoframd claims to have Adobe Suite 5.5 upgrade version pricing in a grid including one month and 12 month subscriptions.

In the past, details leaked about upcoming Adobe software releases have proven to be a mixed bag. Many times features that are proposed, or at least reported, well before the release date, turn out to be absent from the actual software release. Occasionally, some features do in fact appear, but often are different than had been reported earlier.

The take away is similar to what UFO investigators call “The Silly Season”. That once there is one sighting, many, many follow right behind, whether valid or not.

None of this takes away from our excitement that new and improved features are on the way. But, we must temper the enthusiasm until Adobe officially announces the release.

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