Adobe Download Content – Plugins for Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Plugin Download Content
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Plugin Download Content

Adobe has published a Help file with links to download content such as the CS6 compatible optional plugins, tips on how to find if your legacy plugins are compatible, and which Adobe plugins are no longer supported.

Without any announcement that we could find, or fanfare of any sort, Adobe has finally given out specifics about all of these topics. PhotographyUNcapped has previously posted about the Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins, and the then current news about the CS6 Optional Plugins. This post you’re reading is the latest info available.

The most often asked about plugin has been ‘Contact Sheet ll’. This plugin is no longer needed as an option since it is included with Photoshop CS6 in the standard installation, (posted about here:  Contact Sheet ll is Back!)along with ‘Picture Package’. Also included in the default install is ‘Web Photo Gallery’ (under ‘Web Contact Sheet’).

The ‘TWAIN’ driver is probably the second-most asked for plugin. It is now available for CS6 at the link below. Please Note: Previous versions of this plug-in are NOT compatible with CS6; you must get the latest version. Also, the TWAIN is only compatible with Windows 32-bit and Mac OS X 64 bit. (Don’t complain to us!)

According to this Help file, testing your existing plug-ins for CS6 compatibility basically means moving them into the new file location, the Photoshop   ”  CS6\Plug-ins\  ”   folder, and seeing if they work! If you have a lot of plugins, we suggest you use some variation of the ‘1/2 method’ to save testing time: Put 1/2 of your plugins into the folder; if you’re lucky, all will work and you’ve saved time. If Photoshop doesn’t launch, or there is some other side effect, remove 1/2 of those to see if you can identify the problem one. Doing this in groups saves time over the ‘one by one’ method. Like with shampoo, Rinse, Repeat, till you’ve got all your older working plug-ins in the new folder.

As to the latest versions of Adobe’s own plugins – Good luck, and Happy downloading:

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