Adobe Gets High End Digital Color Technologies from IRIDAS

IRIDAS Technologies Obtained by Adobe
IRIDAS Technologies Obtained by Adobe

Adobe has entered into a deal with IRIDAS for parts of their advanced color technologies. In the official Adobe IRIDAS  press release Adobe notes how they expect the acquisition to improve Adobe’s digital color and control of light. Will this technology be incorporated into CS6 ?

While the info from Adobe and IRIDAS is directed toward the video and video editing markets, the implications for a wider swath of Adobe products (read: Photoshop, Lightroom) are being bandied about.

How the IRIDAS technologies will impact Adobe’s video software (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Production Premium, etc.) is being discussed here: What the Adobe acquisition of IRIDAS technology means for our professional video applications

IRIDAS has been instrumental in numerous imaging areas as listed in their ‘Milestones’ roll.

How this will affect image editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, and it’s possible impact on Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4, and the Creative  Suites 6 in general  is the subject of debate among insiders. PhotographyUncapped will pop off the lens cap on this when possible.     Stay Tuned.

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