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Feb 092011

Adobe Tablet Ad on Craigslist for CS6 Research ?

Adobe has just posted an ad on Craigslist for professionals with tablets, offering $150 for a research project. This is in line with what we posted recently about Adobe VP Michael Gough talking of future Adobe creative technologies, possibly for Photoshop CS6 ?

This is a direct reinforcement of statements pointing to Adobe’s interest in improving the customer experience, especially as more and more people move to using mobile devices for creative work.

Here is a quote from the ad:

The Adobe Research Team is interested in meeting with creative professionals who currently own a tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) OR are considering purchasing one in the near future.

The research study will be a 90 minute one-on-one interview conducted at your place of work. If that is not possible, other arrangements can be made. As a token of appreciation, interview participants will receive a $150 in the form of American Express Gift Cheques.

The ad is signed by “Adobe Research Team”

Suggesting that this is related to possible features of Photoshop CS6, or Adobe Creative Suite CS6, is, admittedly,  mere conjecture and speculation. While there is not any hard evidence to show that this is in any way related to potential CS6 features, it certainly makes sense that Adobe is moving in this sort of direction. After all, it seems like everyone is moving to some sort of smart device and or tablet, at least for personal work, if not for actual production.

Stay tuned for more updates from PhotographyUncapped.

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