Adobe Photoshop – Creative Suite – Master Collection CS5.5 Free 30 day Trial

Adobe CS5.5 Free Trial Downloads

Updated: Adobe has just started mentioning CS6 in some of their latest updates. See: Adobe’s FAQ CS5.5 (scroll down to the ‘Eligibility, Pricing, and Purchase Options’ section)

At this time, Adobe is still offering their free 30 day trial offer on CS5.5, in the run up to the official announcement of Photoshop CS6 and the Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Test Adobe’s most popular software, free, for 30 days, downloads directly from Adobe.
Photoshop, the Master Collection, and the entire Creative Suite are all listed for trial download.

You can experience the latest Photoshop tools and features, as well as all the other Adobe CS5 apps for the 30 days, and then decide to buy or not.

Also, Adobe has changed their upgrade price policy for CS6. See: Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Photoshop CS6 Availability and Upgrade Policy Clarified

Download Adobe CS5.5 Free 30 day Trials Soon!

If you have an older version of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, any Creative Suite, or Master Collection, and are considering an upgrade, then this is a no cost way to try out the latest features of CS5.

————–View all the Adobe CS5.5 Free Trial FAQ’s for yourself.——————

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Author: P U

19 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop – Creative Suite – Master Collection CS5.5 Free 30 day Trial

    1. Hi Bob,

      As I said in the post,
      “This is not something new, but many people have been asking me about the trial downloads in the last few days.”

      It seems that there is interest (sparked by impending CS5?) in trying out CS4 for users who have earlier versions of Photoshop or Elements.

      I even received an email Thursday, directly from Adobe, suggesting that I put up the links “In celebration of Adobe Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary”

      Since I kept giving out the same response to these questions, I decided to publish this post with the links.


  1. Titles such as these are always so upsetting as they are made to entice the user until the user discovers their is no real news inside. Such as “iPhone 4G Released” ….in your local Apple Store next year.

    At least please provide some valuable information such as when the Trials will be available which is on Adobe’s website under FAQ.

    Misleading titles are of course valuable to any Blogger, but if you do not actually provide content when the user gets their they will become upset and realize to look other places for their information. Best of luck.

    1. Hi Christopher B,

      I have updated the post above to reflect the latest info I can find. Adobe’s site has some inconsistencies on this from product areas to support areas.

      I agree with your comments that we should be providing helpful information. Since there have been a lot of CS5 details revealed in the last 2 days, and some items are needing revision, we are working to update everything as accurately as possible, and as quickly.

      Oddly, the ‘official’ portals that I looked through had no such trial specifics posted. There is a lack of Trial FAQ’s on most of the CS5 Creative Suite Adobe Product pages, including on the Photoshop Product page. This is especially of concern since Photoshop is their ‘flagship’ app.

      I have also added all of the trial info we could find on this page:

      Adobe CS5 Free Trial Download FAQ’s

      Thanks for your comments and input.

      1. BTW, Christopher,

        This post was originally posted back when the CS4 trial downloads were available because I kept getting asked about them at that time.

        I only updated to add the CS5 info this week because people kept hitting it in their searches.

        I try to keep up with updating the pages to reflect current knowledge and offers as they occur.

        It is an endless task.

        Thanks again for keeping us on our toes here!

        1. yeah so where are these free trials and does anyone actually really know if they will be available before it is released as a product not a pre-release.

  2. don’t listen to the naysayers.

    i couldn’t find this on the adobe site,
    so your site got me what i needed. thank you.
    good job

    1. Hi genie777,

      thanks for your appreciation.

      it takes a whole lot more work to research, assemble, format, edit, post, double-check, update, etc. this kind of information,
      than it does for anyone to do a quick web search, and then dismiss the search results.

      negative feedback is helpful, though, to keep us focused and sharp.

      glad you found this info of help.

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