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Oct 032011
Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Tablets

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Tablets

Adobe has just announced the new Adobe® Photoshop® Touch for Android Tablets.

John Nack has posted about it on his blog: Introducing Photoshop Touch including a video from him, and one from Russell Brown introducing the new features of Photoshop Touch in a short, 10 min tour.

Adobe’s Mobile & Tablet Apps page : What is Adobe Photoshop Touch?

Creative compositing meets multitouch fun in Adobe® Photoshop® Touch for Android tablets. Combine multiple images, edit specific elements, and apply filters and other effects—and get great guidance from interactive tutorials. Share your creations to Facebook and view comments right within the app. Sync your files with Adobe Creative Cloud so they’re easy to open in Photoshop for further editing.


With Adobe Photoshop Touch you can:

  • Create Layers
  • Use Blending Modes
  • Transform Layers
  • Scale and Rotate
  • Warp
  • Apply Fade (as in: masking 2 layers to fade one into the other)
  • Set Type – Add Text
  • Built-in fonts
  • Apply Edge Effects
  • Additional Effects
  • Add Drop Shadow
  • Camera Fill (bring in live photos from the tablet into a composite in real time)
  • Interactive tutorials – how-to lessons, step by step
  • Google image search
  • Photoshop familiar tools
  • Photoshop Selections
  • Photoshop Adjustments
  • Drop out backgrounds
  • Scribble Selection tool (drag borders to keep and remove backgrounds)
  • Refine Edge (looks a bit advanced for many non-Photoshop users)
  • Extract
  • Files up to 1,600×1,600 pixels
  • Gradients (preset or save your own)
  • Save and export features
    • Save
    • Share by email
    • Share by Facebook
    • Share by cloud
    • Export into Photoshop on desktop


John Nack says Photoshop Touch will be available for $9.99, and in a rare ‘Android first’ move, it will be available for iOS soon, too.

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  1. an app for everything……….steve jobs would be proud

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