Is Adobe “Sabotaging” HTML5??

Adobe is Not Sabotaging HTML5 - "In a word, bullshit.", John Nack

Principle Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, John Nack, has come out with a strongly worded rebuttal to claims that Adobe is attempting to sabotage HTML5.

From John Nack’s blog, Adobe is “sabotaging” HTML5??

In a word, bullshit.

Apple Insider–via an article whose writer can’t be bothered even to spell the names of several participants (Ian Hickson, Dave McAllister) correctly, to say nothing of doing other fact checking–accuses Adobe of saying one thing (that it supports the development of HTML5 and other standards) while working to delay & destroy those standards. Wow–so lurid, it must be true!!

The comments and tweets are flying.
Jump in only if you dare!

Addendum: Here are some comments from an HTML WG member, Shelley Powers, who is not affiliated with Adobe:

Adobe is not blocking any specification. There are dozens of issues that are “blocking” HTML5, if you want to use that term, of which I’m responsible for many at this time. Technically the HTML5 specification can’t advance to Last Call status until these issues are resolved. However, the W3C management can override my issues, and the issues of any individual or company. No one company can block the advancement of any specification without the concurrence of the W3C leadership.

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Update from John’s blog:

Ian Hickson today: “I was mistaken”

Regarding Adobe blocking HTML5, that is. So, there’s that, then.

Now join me, won’t you, in holding your breath while we wait for various bomb-throwing Mac fan sites to issue a clarification/apology for totally blowing it on this one. (Man, I’m starting to… feel faint… *thunk*)

[Update: I see that Daring Fireball & Apple Insider have posted updates. Thanks.]

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