Adobe Sneak Peek – Dashed and Dotted Lines – Photoshop CS6 New Feature #3 ?

Adobe Photoshop - Dashed and DOtted Lines - in CS6 ?
Adobe Photoshop - Dashed and Dotted Lines - in CS6 ?

The Adobe Photoshop Channel released one of the Sneak Peek videos, ostensibly of Photoshop CS6, showing a New Feature – Dashed and Dotted Lines. While other of the Sneak Peek videos showed interesting new features which will boost Photoshop CS6 in capabilities, this ‘new’ feature is a bit lackluster, in this writer’s opinion.

This is a feature that many graphics programs have had for a long time. And, while it’s nice that Photoshop CS6 is finally getting it, it seems to be a little and waaay too late, to be considered a new feature.

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