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Apr 172013


Photoshop Next: Camera Shake Reduction – Image Deblurring – Sneak Peek

Adobe is showing a small video sneak peek of the much awaited technology for reducing the effects of camera shake, that they previewed in the past.

It would seem that this will be a new feature in the next version of Photoshop, possibly to be named CS7 or Photoshop CC Creative Cloud.

Photoshop CS7 Image Deblur – Camera Shake Reduction  – YouTube video

There was a lot of interest raised by Adobe when they (prematurely?) showed previews of this ‘in-progress’ technology. See previous post:  Where is the New Deblur Feature in Photoshop CS6 ?  Now it looks like we can definitely expect a first release version of this feature in the new Photoshop CS7.

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