Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file? Apple MAC 10.6.5 MAC 10.6.6 Photoshop CS5 Warning Will 10.6.7 Fix This?

"Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?" MAC 10.6.5 MAC 10.6.6

Updating MAC to 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 introduced conflicts with Adobe Photoshop CS5. as related in this Adobe Alert: Alert Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?” | Tools, functions behave strangely | Photoshop CS5 | Mac OS 10.6.5, 10.6.6

One or more of the following issues occur when you use Photoshop CS5 after updating Mac OS to 10.6.5 or 10.6.6:

  • The warning, “Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?” appears when you open Photoshop.
  • The startup screen reads White Rabbit, instead of Photoshop CS5, and looks different.
  • Tools behave as if the Shift or Option keys are pressed.
  • Your cursor remains the plug sign (+).

MAC 10.6.7 is supposed to resolve these problems.

As with any upgrade or Software Update, back up, and good luck.

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Mac 10.6.7 fixes Photoshop CS5 conflicts

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