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Dec 042012
Helen Levitt - 95 Lives - Documentary

Helen Levitt – 95 Lives – Documentary

A documentary is being produced on the New York City street photographer, Helen Levitt.

Update: An angel donor has stepped forward offering to double all support funds received by 12/6/12 midnight.


PhotographyUNcapped has written about Helen Levitt’s images previously in this post: American Street Photographer Helen Levitt Photographic Poems About New York

Her intensely personal photos in, and of, the city are revealing in ways that amuse, inspire, and often surprise.

Filmmaker Tanya Sleiman is making a much needed documentary on this important, relatively undocumented, photographer. Much of the film has been shot. There is a Kickstarter campaign currently underway to help fund the final stages of work. This is the way that many contemporary independent filmmakers are able to complete projects.

Check out the page, and trailer for 95 Lives Helen Levitt, and you can participate by supporting the work.


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