Download Photoshop CS4 Help Files and later Photoshop CS5 CS6 Help Content

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Web Community Help - Support Page
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Web Community Help - Support Page

You can now download the Photoshop CS4 Help files in .pdf  format directly from within Photoshop.

Principal Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, John Nack,
writes of this (not-new-but-under-publicized) feature. Click “the “View Help PDF” link in the top-left corner of the app help page” to download the Help content for offline work.
This is useful when you can’t get online such as; when flying, traveling by car; in places where the internet connection might be untrustworthy, or you forgot to pay your recently increased internet cable bill.

If you have to have it NOW!, here is the link to Adobe’s “Using Adobe Photoshop CS4” Help.

One of the really interesting tiny details of this is “In the future, you’ll be able to download help content right from within the new Adobe desktop help app, currently available for testing via Adobe Labs.”

I hope this helps you out now and then,


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