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Nov 022011
ArcSoft Perfect365 Makeover

ArcSoft Perfect365 Makeover

ArcSoft has released their Perfect365 portrait makeover software for free download.

Perfect365 appears, to this writer’s eye, to combine facial recognition with blur and blend mode effects. The samples show promise (if you like a smoooooth look), with ‘templates’ for various makeup styles. All seem to make the eyes bug out a bit as is common in contemporary ‘model’ stylings. Some before/after samples show the faces squeezed into a ‘thinner you’ kind of shape as well. The overall impression is that of a time-saving approach for portrait photographers selling ‘package’ type portfolios. Worth a closer look if you do this kind of work.

From their site:

  • One-click portrait makeover
  • Detects multiple faces in one photo
  • Custom makeup and enhancing tools
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr

It’s available for free download for Windows 7 and Windows XP (SP2 or SP3) now, and for iPhone iOS 3.0 up, and iPad iOS 3.2 up, in mid- November.

There is an enhanced higher-res version available for $29.99 (thought the link is elusive).
ArcSoft Perfect365 info
ArcSoft Perfect365 download

Try the free version and let us know what you think. As always – backup before installing any new software.


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  1. i SOOO need this for every photo taken of me in the last 10 years………..

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