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Mar 052010

JDI 2 - Bryan Hughes - Adobe Photoshop CS 5

JDI – Just what the hell is JDI ? It’s coming soon

to a Photoshop near you!

Adobe has been working on user suggestions to ‘Just Do It‘ on various small details of Photoshop for CS5 and future versions.

So, instead of having to click through more than one dialog, you can now just get to the function you want, and in some cases, set the defaults for previously unavailable functions.

Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes has published another video to add some sneak peeks to all of us who are waiting for Photoshop CS5 to be announced.

The previous video, Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Just Do It – Sneak Peak, starts you off with some info on what is coming soon.

The newest video, JDI Video 2, expands on some features.

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Can you guess?

Can you guess?

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  4 Responses to “Just What the Hell is JDI – Just Do It CS5 – Adobe Photoshop CS 5”

  1. quiero descargar el cs5 como hago?

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