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Feb 272012


Beautiful Blue Marble of Earth – high definition images of the planetary globe.

I’m a sucker for good space photography.

Here is a series of composite images of Earth from the VIIRS instrument on the Earth-observing satellite – Suomi NPP.
The images have been spliced together producing the high res versions. They are lovely.
NPP’s ‘Blue Marble’
Western Hemisphere view of Earth – hi res version – 8000px x 8000px



  6 Responses to “High Definition Photo Image of Earth – Blue Marble”

  1. Why can’t we all just get along??? One spinning ball, limited space, one world.

  2. Great photography, I enlarged the hi res version and it is great. I am too old now, but used to deep sea fish off the mouth of the river called south pass in Louisiana, and had no way to find the blue water, just plain luck. Photos like these sure would have saved a lot of fuel. I used to use minimun 200 to 300 gallons a day. I could not afford it today. Thanks for the great images.

    • Glad you got something out of it, Joseph.

      These images were published a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to posting about them.
      I debated whether it would still have value for our readers.

      Your note makes me glad I did.

  3. I am an amateur photographer, and space images in that type of resolution and color are not easy to comb by. And with today equipment we are getting images that are 10 or 20 times better in color and resollution than just 6 o 7 years ago. We certainly appreciate your efforts.

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