How Much Does Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 Cost ?


Price of Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 -How Much Does Photoshop Cost
Price of Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 - How Much Does Photoshop Cost ?



Photoshop CS6 is now officially announced, and is available for pre-orders.

There will be a Live Webcast Launch Event for free.  A recording of the event is now available for viewing.

Photoshop CS6 Buying Guide and Pricing

The long-awaited release of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is here in a FREE Beta ready for download.
Official Photoshop CS6 Beta

More information can be found in this post of collected references:
Photoshop CS6 Beta Links Details Features

Prices for CS6 products have not been officially announced. The buzz (read: rumors) is that the costs will be comparable to CS5.5 levels. Remember, this is not actual, but imagined, information.

Get Adobe CS6 FREE If You Buy CS5.5 Now – Official Complimentary Upgrade to CS6
Adobe is offering a complimentary copy of CS6 if you buy CS5.5 now!

Previously Updated:

There is a change coming to Adobe’s upgrade policy that might affect your upgrade eligibility. The following 2 PhotographyUNcapped links speak to the changes which will definitely affect CS6 upgrade availability, and Creative Suite CS6 eligibility for many users. The links will open a separate window/tab.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Photoshop CS6 Availability and Upgrade Policy Clarified

Adobe Makes It Official – Special Introductory Upgrade Prices on Creative Suite 6 CS6


Find out the costs, whether you are eligible for a student discount, or if you are eligible for an upgrade, and if your computer meets the Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 system requirements, and the Creative Suite Master Collection system requirements.

You can also download a free trial version to try Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5 applications FOR FREE!

How Much Is an Adobe CS5.5 Subscription ? CS5.5 subscriptions only available through

What is New in Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Photoshop CS5.1 Extended ?

What is new in Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Master Collection 5.5 ?

Adobe CS5.5 Creative Suite 5.5 Subscription FAQ’s

What are the system requirements for Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection 5.5  ?

What are Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Subscriptions? How do Photoshop Subscriptions Work?

Can I get a CS5.5 upgrade? Am I eligible to upgrade to CS5.5 ?

Adobe CS5.5 Student + Teacher Academic Educational Discounts

The best prices on Photoshop CS5 are from:

Adobe International Stores – Worldwide Offers

Click the flag below to open a new Adobe Store window

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  1. Oh, thanks for sharing the prices of Photoshop CS5. However, since there are other latest versions of the photoshop I think this program will be as good as free. lol.

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