How to Overcome Photo Inertia During the Summer

Capellina close up
Capellina close up

How to overcome the weight of inertia to go out and create masterful, meaningful, award-winning photographs. Within the growing heat of summer, how can we overcome the inhibitions and constraints against getting our gear together, hoisting a heavy pack of fragile, heat sensitive items over a shoulder, and venturing off into the blazing days?

"Capellina in Repose" or "The cat in the Red Chair Stretches Back"
"Capellina in Repose" or "The Cat in the Red Chair Stretches Back"

I think I’ll just relax here inside for a few minutes more. Maybe tomorrow will be cooler.

After all, we can’t all be like Molly.


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11 thoughts on “How to Overcome Photo Inertia During the Summer

  1. I do find I suffer from photo inertia, after a while it all seems like….so what? Thanks for the “cat” reminder that it’s ok to relax with that…..but having said that, do you have any recommendations for those of us who find the red chair just a bit too comfortable, and can’t get that shutter pushed??

    1. * Make an assignment for yourself
      (e.g. Shoot a study of____________ ; Interview people and take their portraits; Document a situation; etc.)

      * Go to someplace you wouldn’t normally go to
      (e.g. An entertainment venue you don’t frequent; take a mini road trip to a nearby town)

      *Try shooting from a different POV
      (e.g. close up; from ground level; from inside something to out)

      1. This is an awesome idea. Actually, I can’t possibly express how wonderful I thought it was. I printed it to post on my wall. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. Step away from the monitor.
    Take camera in paw.
    Shoot photos of mouse or lizard before chasing them!

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