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Aug 092011

Photoshop Security? Malware Update for GIF format for Photoshop CS5.1

Adobe has released a security patch updater for Photoshop CS5.1 (Photoshop CS5.5), Photoshop CS5, against threats from malware in,  GIF format images.

The malware threat to Photoshop is from malicious files which can crash Photoshop. The Photoshop security vulnerability updater is available from Adobe for free download.

Adobe is listing this Photoshop updater as a Standard Multiplugin Update.

NOTICE: You must first make sure that you have the latest version of Photoshop CS5.1 installed before applying this security update. Instructions for Mac, Windows 32 and Windows 64 are slightly different (no surprise!)

Photoshop CS5/CS5.1 Standard Multiplugin Win64 Update

Photoshop CS5/CS5.1 Standard Multiplugin Win32 Update

Photoshop CS5/CS5.1 Standard Multiplugin Update


With all updates, backup, and beware. Update at your own risk, etc. etc. As my grandmother the hacker says, “Don’t download; be happy.” Good luck!




  2 Responses to “Is Photoshop CS5 CS5.1 Secure ? Security Update Against GIF Malware Free Download”

  1. Thanks for the updates………………..but can’t I download and be happy too?????? What would your grandmother say??????????? Mine only had cooking and cleaning advice……….

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