Kodak is Leaving the Consumer Photo Business

Kodak Color Handbook - Color Photography Outdoors
Kodak Color Handbook - Color Photography Outdoors
Kodak Color Handbook

Kodak is reported to be leaving the consumer photo business which originally made the company. Attempting to emerge from bankruptcy (see: Can You Picture a World Without Kodak ?), many major sites are putting out details of Kodak’s latest plan to sell off many remaining assets.

Kodak to sell retail print, document imaging businesses – News at Yahoo

Kodak Patent Auction Creates Strange Bedfellows – Wall Street Journal (teaser only without subscription)

Kodak Takes Next Steps toward Successful Emergence – Kodak Press Release

It appears that for the moment, Kodak is not totally gone (though some might argue it’s ‘gonzo’); from the PR:     “Kodak noted that in addition to the commercial, packaging and functional printing and enterprise services businesses, it also continues to own and operate the Consumer Inkjet, Entertainment Imaging, Commercial Film and Specialty Chemicals businesses, given the company’s expertise, capabilities and strong customer relationships in these markets, as well as their combined cash-generating capability”

I can only sigh at Kodak things remembered fondly, and those lost.

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