Leaked Hints About Adobe Photoshop CS6 Camera RAW 7 – Through Lightroom 4 Public Beta + Adobe Blogs

Lightroom 4 Beta warning Re: Photoshop Camera RAW 7
Lightroom 4 Beta Warning - Re: Photoshop Camera RAW 7

It is no great leap to infer that the impending new version of Photoshop CS6  (as yet not quite officially announced) will come with a new version of the Camera RAW plugin. Usually, Adobe keeps details of new releases tight to the chest before the official announcement. Rumors about Adobe are generally unconfirmed. This time, however, things are slipping out.

The just released free download of Lightroom 4 beta contains a warning message, which may be invoked, when using the included Develop Module, and then using your currently installed version of Photoshop to render the file. (An Adobe Photoshop beta is not installed as part of the Lightroom 4 beta. You must have a version of Photoshop already installed, or use a free 30 day trial version from Adobe )

Depending on your Lightroom 4 beta Preference settings, you may receive the warning: “This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 7 for full compatibility””.

PhotographyUNcapped.com was alerted to this, and found that Adobe blogger extraordinaire Julieanne Kost confirmed this in her post today: “LRBeta4 – Develop Module changes not applied when choosing Edit in Photoshop“.

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It would not seem a great stretch to also infer that Photoshop CS6 Camera RAW 7 will incorporate some of the new features showcased in the Lightroom 4 beta. Adobe has previously stated that they will be maintaining parity between Lightroom releases and those of ‘Adobe Camera RAW’ (included with Photoshop installations + upgrades), as many still call the plugin. Adobe rumors aside, this seems genuine.


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