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May 012010

Lens Profile Creator for CS5 Lens Correction from Adobe Labs

Updated:There is a newer version of the Adobe Lens Profile Creator posted on the Adobe Labs site.

Adobe Labs has posted a prerelease version of the
Lens Profile Creator for Photoshop CS5 Lens Correction (updated link)

New to Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the improve Lens Correction feature to automatically correct for individual lens distortions. It is my favorite feature in Photoshop CS5.

See: our article Lens Correction – Len Profiles for more general thoughts about Lens Correction.

When you open most digital camera files in Photoshop CS5, ACR 6.1, Bridge CS5, or Lightroom 3, this great new feature will attempt to automatically find a match for the lens and camera model used to make the shot. It will then attempt to correct such things as Spherical Distortion, Chromatic Aberration, and Vignetting.

Lens Correction CS5 looks at the metadata in the file, and makes it’s best guess about the need for such corrections.

Lens Correction Profiles will adjust the file with the following priorities.
The hierarchy of factors in a photographic system that will effect correction modeling:

1. Lens Model
2. Focal Length
3. Aperture
4. Focus Distance
5. Camera Body

Again, you can access the Lens Profile Creator page at Adobe Labs here:

Lens Profile Creator

Good luck.

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