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Jan 252012


Kodak  Color As Seen and Photographed - detail

Kodak Color As Seen and Photographed - detail

Photos and scans of a few vintage Kodak books and pamphlets; While reading about the latest phase of Eastman Kodak’s financial woes. Now that Kodak has filed for bankruptcy, and has a time-frame for reorganizing, I just grabbed a few older Kodak items that I had nearby.

I have a small set of collected Kodak products which are buried since I last moved my studio (they will come to hand again soon, I earnestly hope ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  2 Responses to “A Mini Tribute – in Pictures – to a few Kodak Books and Pamphlets”

  1. totally cool………hope your searching turns up more treasures……..

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