Photographs of the Port au Prince Haiti Earthquake Aftermath and a Plea

Haiti Earthquake - Stefano Zannini - MSF 2010

Update 15 January, 2010: Many large organizations are receiving donations, but smaller ones, such as Doctors Without Borders, who have long had a presence in Haiti, need addition donations. They already have 1,000 people on the ground and are setting up an inflatable hospital.

Please help the terribly distressed people in the streets of Port au Prince with even a small donation to Doctors Without Borders.

PhotographyUncapped has no affiliation with them except as a donor. Thank you.


While photographs of the disaster in Haiti come in, we at PhotographyUncapped want to ask you to find a way to add your help to the relief effort.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is one of the few organizations that we all trust to do the hard work with compassion and financial honesty.

Photographs and other media:

New York Times interactive media on the Haiti earthquake: “A Closer Look at the Destruction in Haiti

New York Times photographs: “Devastating Earthquake Hits Haiti

NPR National Public Radio: “Haiti Awaits Aid As Crews Search For Survivors

Los Angeles Times: “PHOTOS: Earthquake hits Haiti

Google search page of the Haiti earthquake photos: “Haiti earthquake photographs

Thank you for your interest and compassion.

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3 thoughts on “Photographs of the Port au Prince Haiti Earthquake Aftermath and a Plea

  1. Hi Ken, I had 2 friends there, now I have only one. Yes, he is dead now and the other one is fine. They were working for the arms (we say PEACE ACTION here in Brazil). I´m in contact with his mother and the situation is extremely serious.

    Thanks for bring to us this alert and a way to do something for people that is going through this suffering.

    DoctorsWithoutBorders shows the presence of God inside us.

    1. Hi Marcelo,

      Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, and sympathies to his mother as well.

      While there are always tragedies, daily, the magnitude of this disaster may finally help to bring out effective aid for Haiti’s people.

      Again, our sympathies.

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