Photography at the 2012 London Olympics

Underwater Olympic Pool Photograph from @L2012PoolCam
Underwater Olympic Pool Photograph from @L2012PoolCam

There have been some very fine photographs coming out of the 2012 London Olympics. PhotographyUNcapped has gathered some of the better web links of, and about, such photography – ‘how it’s done’, marvel at these pix, and what spectators at the Olympics aren’t permitted (photographically speaking).

Remote camera mounts replace AFP photographers at Olympic Games (Engadget) shows some of the tech being deployed in the form of robotic cameras.

Robo-Cams at the Olympic Games Make Human Photogs Sweat (Wired) with more on robotic cameras, and a short video: AP Robotic Cameras at Summer Games (YouTube).

Robotic cameras at the Olympics – in pictures (The Guardian UK) shows some results of the robot cameras, as does Check out these incredible Olympic pool cam photos (MSN), and L2012 Pool Camera (Twitter).

And for old school, actual photographers working at the Olympics we have Shooting The Olympics: Inside The Camera Bag Of Getty Photographer Streeter Lecka (PopPhoto), and a photographer’s approach to getting the remote shots To Get the Shot, Nerve, Luck and Scuba Gear (NYTimes).

Then there are the issues facing spectators with cameras Olympics bosses crack down on spectator camera gear (AmateurPhotographer UK).


Let us know if you find other great pages on these topics. Enjoy.

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  1. Great shot of the swimmer!
    Very disappointing news about the restriction of cameras at the games!
    Thanks for posting

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