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May 042010

3D Text in Photoshop CS5 Extended Repousse Vidoe by Russell Brown

Adobe’s Russell Preston Brown has just posted a video demo showing how to create 3D text from a 2D text layer in Photoshop CS5 Extended using Repoussé.
The video covers the basics of the Photoshop CS5 Extended Repoussé feature. It then goes on to show how to extrude text, and texture the text. It also covers the new Ground Plane Shadow Catcher feature to create a cast shadow from the 3D text onto a surface.

The video :  “Creating 3D text in Photoshop CS5

Don’t forget to view in full screen mode. It’s worth it. Enjoy.

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  13 Responses to “Photoshop CS5 3D Text Repoussé Video – How to Make 3D Text from 2D Text in Photoshop CS5 Extended”

  1. you have been a very busy poster………thanks for all the tips!

  2. i can’t use the repousse tool, it’s not black like the other ps tools …. can someone tell me why please? :/

    • Hi Christa,
      Sorry for the delay in responding, the comment section of the site had an issue.

      I’m not sure what you mean about the tool not being black.
      Do you mean that the cursor/s are odd?

      Maybe something changed with your system settings?

  3. hi ken! did christa manage to solve his problem? i think i may have something familiar

  4. i too have that repousse gray out problem i saw a vid on youtube that it has to do with the video card. issit?

  5. do i have to download the ‘3d repousse plugin’ from somewhere ?
    I can see it linked in the 3D menu but I can’t use it? why is that?

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