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Apr 302010

Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro Demo by Russell Brown

Another fine demo by Russell Brown showing the use of Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro features has been posted.

HDR, and it’s junior sibling, HDR Toning, (new to CS5) are among the least well understood features of Photoshop. Often applied with brute force (because it’s so powerful) the visual effects of HDR can be garishly blatant or more subtly rendered, depending on the skill and intent of the photo editor.

HDR Pro (the new CS5 version of HDR) goes a bit of the way to make HDR control easier , and to get more usable results. The Russell Brown videos are worth a viewing.

There are 2 parts:

Advanced HDR 1

Advanced HDR 2

Watch, learn, enjoy.

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  1. Whath I see here is fantastic. It resume in software whath the Zone system was. It is attractive but whath computer power and resource it requests.

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