Photoshop DeBlur Feature – Still Waiting? – Here Are Some Alternatives

Photoshop CS6 DeBlur Feature - The Hint of Hope
Photoshop CS6 DeBlur Feature – The Hint of Hope

Everyone is still hoping and waiting for the much-talked-about Photoshop DeBlur feature, which was hinted at, by Adobe, but didn’t actually make it into Photoshop CS6. Customers were mightily disappointed.

See: Where is the New Deblur Feature in Photoshop CS6 ? – PhotographyUNcapped post (opens new window)

Now there are others working to fill in the fuzzy gap:

  • Vladimir Yuzhikov Smart Deblur – Windows only – Free at this time
  • Ocean Systems Clear ID – Photoshop Plugin – Expensive – Free 30 day trial
  • Amped Five – Forensic Enhancement – Expensive – for qualified agencies only
  • FoveaPro – Reindeer Graphics – Status unclear from their web site

None of these, however, will bring up a clear image of your ex-girlfriend in the reflection on the trailer hitch ball; of the speeding-away pickup truck of your adversary; at night; in a hail storm; from your cell phone camera; with your thumb in the way; from the smeary motel room window; facing into a street light; etc.

Check ’em out, but as always. backup 1st, and try at your own risk.

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