Polaroid Goggle Glasses and Instant Print Camera

Polaroid GL20 Grey Label Sunglasses Designed by Lady Gaga

Polaroid is back with a new camera GL30, and new camera sunglasses GL20, designed, in part, by Lady Gaga, along with Polaroid’s design teams.

Polaroid has also announced the new digital Polaroid camera, 12 megapixel, with built-in printer, and an LCD screen on the bottom which swivels. It looks like a high-tech version of the old SX-70 camera.

Polaroid Grey Label GL30 Camera
Polaroid GL30 Digital Camera with Printer and Swivel LCD Screen

The glasses are kinda like wrap around goggles and include a camera that sits on the bridge of your nose and little displays that fit just below your eyes. The goggles look well kind of Tron’ish.

Lady Gag Inspired Polaroid GL20 Sunglasses

It’s all very techno chic, slick, sleek and googly Gaga.

It’s nice to see that the Polaroid company founded by Edwin H. Land is still seeking innovation and new product design and development.

Polaroid Lady Gag Grey Label Video link

So, the products have interesting design features,
and it will be interesting to see how these features play out when the devices appear at big box retailers near you and me.

Prices, sigh, to be announced.

Happy mod-retro!

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    1. The Polaroid Corporation has been in and out of bankruptcy and is now actually partnered with Lady Gaga, who was appointed their Creative Director.

      Wanna know if a fortuneteller or seer is accurate?
      Find out if they predicted that one!

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