Sandisk Sony and Nikon – Fastest Compact Flash Card for RAW Files Ever

New Nikon Sony Sandisk High Speed Compact Flash Card (stylized fantasy image)

Nikon Sandisk and Sony have announced a new high speed compact flash card format allowing much faster speeds especially intended for DSLR cameras and RAW files.

Using the PCI Express4 interface, speeds up to 500 Mbps are possible. Sizes up to and beyond 2TB will greatly expand the compact flash format.

The CompactFlash Association (CFA) would seem to be on-board for the new compact flash card format as well.

Canon representative and chairman of the CFA, Shigeto Kanda, stated “This ultra high-speed media format will enable further evolution of hardware and imaging applications, and widen the memory card options available to CompactFlash users such as professional photographers. This next generation format is expected to be widely adapted to various products, including those other than high-end d-SLRs.”

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Kazuyuki Kazami, VP and GM of development for Nikon added “The ultra-high-speed media, which will be realized by this new card format, will expand the capability of digital SLR cameras and other professional digital imaging equipment”.

I’m interested in the new hi-speed card format, but also that Nikon, Canon, Sony can co-exist in the same field of agreement as Sandisk, and get something done!.

I’m guessing that this will greatly expand the coming new generation of video/dslr hybrids which will be creating huge ‘continuous time-frame video/stills’.

And – – – Where you gonna put 2TB of incoming RAW camera files?

Happy shooting.

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