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Jan 282009


Thanks for tuning in.

This a view I shot of a stunning piece of architecture by Piranisi in Florence, Italy.

It was shot handheld, on Kodak TMAX 3200 1/4 sec. at f5.6 on an older Nikon FE2 camera sporting a classic 24mm 2.8 MF lens.

It was developed in Kodak D76, scanned on a Nikon LS-4000, edited for spotting with Adobe Photoshop CS4, printed with an Epson Stylus 3800 on Somerset Velvet.

It’s one of my favorite shots, and one of my most popular and best selling ones.

  5 Responses to “PhotographyUncapped”

  1. A photo blog for Photography enthusiasts of all kinds.

    All thoughts photographic

  2. I would like to see a photo of the genius behind this blog.
    But, under “digital photography”, he spelled “piece” as “pice”. Maybe that’s the Italian word for it.

  3. great shot.
    good luck man

  4. Thanks, glad you liked the image.
    stay tuned for more!

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