UFO Alien ET Captured, on Film, at MOMA in NYC – Photographic Proof of Alien Influence on Modern Art


Photographic proof of ‘alien existence’ in museum!  – or – ‘Kids! Take Your Own Alien Photos!’

Extraterrestrials, plan your visit!    Going to the Museum of Modern Art in New York?
If you are a special needs alien,  enable access here.

I, Ken Storch, made this picture at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, in the summer of 2004, on a break from teaching in Arizona, in the summer.

– – – –

This image may NOT, in fact, be a picture of an alien, fresh out of a UFO.
(“Say cabbie, where can a fun-loving extraterrestrial find a good time in this dimension?”)
It might be exactly what I think it is, a blurred picture.
There are a million so-called ‘proof of aliens’ stories in the big city. This is just one of them.

I was shooting TMax 3200 film, handheld, in a Nikon F100 near the offices of the museum, when this figure passed by an open doorway. The ‘person’ was a bit startled when ‘she’ looked up and saw me with my camera. The door was immediatly slammed by an invisible hand. At least, the hand closing the door was not visible to me, it might not have been truly invisible ;> )


This black & white image is not sharp and it is grainy. I don’t really think it’s an alien captured on film. I think that it happened in the following way:

I was walking around, shooting handheld, at fairly long shutter speeds. I don’t remember the exact settings, but something like a 1/4 second or longer. The fact that I, and therefore the camera, was moving, combined with the person moving at a different rate and in a different direction produced this cool effect.

Here is another example of this occurring:


As this person began turning away from his first position, he presented a narrower profile to the camera. That, combined with his head movement, made it seem that his head was disappearing. Oddly, this was also shot at a museum. In fact, it was another Museum of Modern Art, the one in San Francisco, SFMOMA.

Shot on my favorite Nikon D300 handheld at a shutter speed of 1″ @ f.11 ISO 1000 with a Nikon 18-200mm VRll lens, this little demo movie was composited from 3 shots made at 1″ each.

Now, aliens being spotted in New York City, or in San Francisco,  does not seem to be a great stretch, especially if you’ve been to either city, but that’s not what was really happening here.

– – – – – –

An almost similar visual effect can be sen in this image shot at 1/4″:


So, this is a fleeting effect of movement and shutter time, not an actual alien captured on film.
Or, is it? ? ?

Want to make your own alien photos?

  • Use a slow shutter speed – less than 1/8″ to start
  • Use Manual Exposure mode for control or Shutter Priority for easy response
  • Shoot people moving, and / or
  • Move the camera during exposure
  • Shoot lots of frames
  • Don’t delete in-camera (wait till you see them on your editing computer)
  • Be willing to edit pictures lighter or darker to create mood
  • Keep an open mind


Ken Storch



I am an artist, educator, photographer, and writer based, at times, in Arizona.

There is someone else with the same name as me, Ken Storch, who has been involved in UFO research, and whose name comes up in web searches for my name. We are not the same person.
I know, I know, you don’t know what to believe about this fact, but it is true. There are more than one K. Storch persons on the planet at the same time!!! There’s another one who is a medical doctor; he + I spoke on the phone once. I mean, to each other. ;> ) So, apologies to anyone else with the same name as me. None of this post should be taken as, in any way, a comment on other people called Ken, Kenny, or Kenneth Storch or any of our doppelgangers!


My images above are evidence of a photographic effect, and, perhaps, my own creativity, nothing much more.

Ken Storch

Author: P U

10 thoughts on “UFO Alien ET Captured, on Film, at MOMA in NYC – Photographic Proof of Alien Influence on Modern Art

  1. I always knew the aliens home base on the planet was NYC and SFO. Thanks for the proof…………Great documentation

  2. I like the disclaimer as I have also heard of this other Ken Storch. These shots are great. I’m a huge supporter of artistic blur…especially when it leads to disappearing heads and aliens!

    1. I had absolutely no intent to get the disappearing heads, but was glad to finally get to use the shots in this post.
      Hmmm…I wonder what else I can get to disappear…?

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