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Feb 212009
Understanding Modern Art Spray

"Understanding Modern Art Spray"

Do confusing thoughts about the meaning of Modern Art keep you up at night and prevent you from leading a rich and fulfilling life?


If you, like me, are often embarrassed to be at parties where people in the know are speaking and even pontificating about Art with a capitol “A”, then you too will benefit from this great new product.


The ‘surreal Peppermint flavor masks its true power; the ability to make you fit in in artsy gatherings.


Easy to conceal, and quick to use, you can’t afford to be without it.


I use this product, and it is available in the PhotographyUncapped Amazon store.

  6 Responses to “Understand Modern Art Breath Spray”

  1. Now if they only had a spray that could pick out the right clothes to wear while viewing art……….

  2. K

    who designed this?
    where was this photographed?


    • HI Roger,

      I’m not sure of the designer.
      I purchased the Understand Modern Art Breath Spray while in S.F.
      Got it for a friend who is troubled by his feelings re: modern art ;> )

      I shot the pix of it, before I gave it to him.
      When I was getting ready to write the blog post, I discovered that Amazon (one of my affiliates) actually listed it for sale,
      so I have the link through my Amazon store.

      Give it a try and let us all know how you do at the next SOMA gallery opening!

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