Understand Modern Art Breath Spray

Understanding Modern Art Spray
"Understanding Modern Art Spray"

Do confusing thoughts about the meaning of Modern Art keep you up at night and prevent you from leading a rich and fulfilling life?


If you, like me, are often embarrassed to be at parties where people in the know are speaking and even pontificating about Art with a capitol “A”, then you too will benefit from this great new product.


The ‘surreal Peppermint flavor masks its true power; the ability to make you fit in in artsy gatherings.


Easy to conceal, and quick to use, you can’t afford to be without it.


I use this product, and it is available in the PhotographyUncapped Amazon store.

Author: P U

6 thoughts on “Understand Modern Art Breath Spray

    1. HI Roger,

      I’m not sure of the designer.
      I purchased the Understand Modern Art Breath Spray while in S.F.
      Got it for a friend who is troubled by his feelings re: modern art ;> )

      I shot the pix of it, before I gave it to him.
      When I was getting ready to write the blog post, I discovered that Amazon (one of my affiliates) actually listed it for sale,
      so I have the link through my Amazon store.

      Give it a try and let us all know how you do at the next SOMA gallery opening!

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