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Feb 262009

The Universe Appears as a Self-Reflecting Mirror

The Universe Appears as a Self-Reflecting Mirrored Sphere


The universe appears to be a self-reflecting sphere with the ‘self’ at the center.

All you can see, and therefore photograph, is a reflection of yourself.

Here I am ‘in cabinet’.

my surrealist self portrait

Nikon D300
Nikkor 18-200mm VRll
1/13 s
ISO 200
14bit RAW

  7 Responses to “The universe appears to be a self-reflecting sphere with the ‘self’ at the center”

  1. I like to shoot into store windows, but what do I do about the glare and reflection issue? Sometimes that adds a creative touch that I want, other times it is a distraction in the image. How can I help prevent it in-camera, and what photoshop tips do you have for after-capture?? Thanks,

  2. you have cute feet…..

  3. HI Martha,

    The best tool for help with reflections on glass (and water) is a polarizer filter. Current Autofocus cameras require the ‘circular’ variety of polarizers, but older cameras can usually get by with the old style ‘linear’ ones.

    The filter cuts down on the reflection, glare and improves saturation and contrast.

    If you do a lot of this kind of work, you should consider getting one; a good one, not a cheapie.
    Brands I recommend are B+W and Heliopan.

    The down side (in addition to the amazingly high cost) is that they generally reduce the light level by 1 1/2 to 3 stops. But is so worth it.

    I guess I should do a piece on them. I’m adding it to my ‘must write’ list :> )

    Ken Storch

  4. shakti,

    Uh, gosh, gee, uh, thanks, ah shucks, gee.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I’ll check B & H, or one of your other links.

    Also, I LOVE the quotes section. Keep ’em coming!!

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