What Are the JDI – Just Do It – New Features in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe® Photoshop® CS 5 box-shot with added "Just Do It"

Just Do It New Features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 are small, but very helpful changes to little details throughout our favorite image editing software program.

Adobe® Photoshop® has some interesting additions in its newest version, CS 5. These are the small changes, little upgrades, not the big features.

The major feature improvements can be found on this post:
Adobe Photoshop CS5 What Are the New Features for Photographers – CS 5 Is Here!

The improvements are spread out throughout the application. Some of these items appear below.

(Example screenshots, when available, will open in a new window)

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Just Do It – JDI for Layers

  • Deeper layer set nesting
    • How deep can you go?
  • Set default values for each effect in the Layer Styles dialog
    • This an ability to save one new default for Layer Styles
  • Drag / Drop to place file from desktop onto open image
    • Not just the ability to place a file into PS itself, but to place it into an open documen
  • Drag layer from Layers panel to another tab
  • Edit > Paste in Place command
    • This preserves object coordinates when pasting

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Just Do It – JDI General Improvements

  • Automatically save 16-bit JPEG as 8-bit
    • If you have an open 16bit image, say a RAW file out of ACR, then you want to save it as a jpeg it is one step, instead of having to do Image>Mode>8bit. This is a huge timesaver for everyone working in 16bit!
  • Added “Straighten” button to the Ruler Tool
  • Save all
    • ‘Apply to all’ checkbox
      • You can now apply a Save to all open doc’s at once. No more needing to Save each doc, close it, and go through waiting for, and clicking each Save dialog
  • Save Asto original folder
    • When you choose Save>Save As it will default to the original folder so you won’t have to navigate there, finally!
  • Panorama stitching (Auto-Align Layers) now leverages lens correction profiles
  • Preference to turn off Gestures when using a touchpad
  • Enhanced Adjustments panel
    • Option to Auto-Select Targeted Adjustment Tool (enables easier access to setting points on a curve)
    • Option to Auto-Select Parameter when selecting an adjustment layer (behavior more like adjustment dialogs)
    • Option to assign a shortcut to the Targeted Adjustment Tool via Edit- >Keyboard Shortcuts
    • To put keyboard focus onto the first field in Adjustments, hit Shift-Return on the keyboard
  • OpenEXR plug-in to handle transparency as alpha (reverting to CS2 behavior)
  • Create layer mask from transparency
  • Neutral density preset for Gradient tool
  • Default Shadow/Highlights changed to 35%
  • New creative resources including actions, tools, presets, brushes, swatches, shapes, gradients, styles, 3D shapes and tool presets
  • Save print settings with image fileallowing one-button printing with user selected values
    • At LAST!
  • Preference to control whether Photoshop adds “Copy” to layer names when duplicating layers (found under Layers panel flyout menu)
  • Added a “Don’t Show Again” checkbox to the “Maximize Compatibility” dialog
  • Easier access to legacy keyboard shortcuts for switching among channels
  • Option to control whether files are placed as Smart Objects
  • Ability to open Animated GIF files & preserve their frames
  • Option to copy color as a Hex value (via the Color panel flyout menu)
  • Option to choose the behavior of Cmd-H on Mac (Hide Photoshop or Hide Extras), making it easier to choose OS-standard behavior
  • Contact Sheet and Extract – will still work if running in 32-bit

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“Adobe Photoshop CS5 What Are the New Features for Photographers – CS 5 Is Here!”

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