What Is Adobe’s Upgrade Policy for CS6? Can I get the Upgrade?

Adobe Upgrade Policy - Am I Elgible? Complimentary CS6 Upgrade?
Adobe Upgrade Policy - Am I Eligible? Complimentary CS6 Upgrade?

Do you qualify for the CS6 update pricing? Now that the Photoshop CS6 Beta is out, people are again asking about their upgrade eligibility.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding which versions of Photoshop, and the Creative Suites, would be upgrade-able, and after what dates. Many point to Adobe’s shifting policy statements for this confusion. There have been several differing notices ( see links at bottom of post) from Adobe contributing to the misunderstandings. To be fair, some of this kind of confusion also comes up every time Adobe releases a new version.

In order to clear the air, hopefully, there is an officially published online document explaining the Adobe policy to date:
Upgrade policy after product announcement – Adobe Official Upgrade Policy Page

This also goes some way to explaining about the time-frame within which your purchase of current software will qualify you for the upgrade.

The info on that page supersedes some previous upgrade details covered in the following posts:

Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Photoshop CS6 Availability and Upgrade Policy Clarified

Adobe Makes It Official – Special Introductory Upgrade Prices on Creative Suite 6 CS6 – For the Adobe Creative Cloud

A quick look around the net shows that there is still a lot of misinformation about the move up to CS6 especially regarding upgrading and pricing.

Again, we recommend that you stick to the official Adobe page for the correct info: Upgrade policy

We hope this helps.

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