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Oct 182011
What is Adobe Photoshop NEXT ?

What is Adobe Photoshop CS NEXT ?

Updated: Adobe has released early information naming the next version as CS6, even though Photoshop CS6, and the Adobe Creative Suite 6 have not yet been officially announced. See: Adobe’s FAQ CS5.5 (scroll down to the ‘Eligibility, Pricing, and Purchase Options’ section) What’s all this talk I hear about Photoshop CS-Next ? We have been getting questions about the term ‘Photoshop Next’ or Photoshop CS-Next’ and want to explain what we know about it.

With all due respect to Gilda Radner, and her great Roseanne Roseannadanna character, “What’s all this talk I hear about Photoshop next ?”

It’s easy: No person at Adobe can officially speak about as yet unannounced products, such as the publicly expected Photoshop CS6. Therefore, people sometimes refer to ‘Photoshop CS Next’ as a stand-in for any such possible future version which may, or may not, be released someday, maybe, or maybe not, with new features perhap hinted at.

Photoshop Next is not a direct reference to Photoshop CS6, or CS6.5, or CS7 or even CS∞ So, Photoshop CS Next is code for some new version of Photoshop likely to exist someday. or not. Gilda Radner

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