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Feb 082009


When I Was Young, the Planets Would Come To My Bedroom Window and Speak to Me.

I hid beside my bed because they seemed so big and significant and they made me feel small.


Some of them belittled me, especially Saturn, and a few others, but Jupiter wouldn’t have it.

Then over came Jupiter.  He was so big it really scared me. I was almost shaking with fear and trepidation.

Jupiter chided the other planets, and coaxed me out, to stand, while he mildly berated them for their poor behavior towards me. He (it certainly seemed like a ‘he’) made me feel that it was the planets who were being small right then, and he made me feel a bit ok.

After that, the other planets didn’t give me any grief, and I never felt like hiding from then anymore.

Ken Storch

This image was made through a multitude of imaging techniques:

  • Film developed and then scanned
  • Etched artwork scanned and edited for the piece
  • Details wholly computer generated

All of the above was then composited in Photoshop (I think it was in Photoshop version 7 ?)

and then printed out in various ways over time as:

  • B&W silver gelatin prints (the kind most modern darkroom printers make)
  • Piezography carbon pigment prints using Jon Cone’s system on an  Epson Stylus 3000 which I modified for the purpose
  • Ultrachrome K7 pigment prints on the fabulous Epson Stylus 3800 printer (the best prints I’ve ever made of this image) onSomerset Velvet  and Harman AI FB papers.

  7 Responses to “When I Was Young, the Planets Would Come To My Bedroom Window and Speak to Me”

  1. those planets can get so pesky, can’t they????????????

  2. Cool. So you used Photoshop to create the planets?

    • jockoB,
      The planets were made from different sources. Computer generated image, photo image, and something else turned into a ‘planet’.
      I used Photoshop to combine the various elements and to make them look good together.


  3. This image was always one of my favorites.

  4. very evocative and drmatically moody.
    and reminiscent.
    good piece.

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