Why I Don’t Buy – the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription – I Need My Photoshop

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Is the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription good for you, or only for Adobe?

Since Adobe is launching a new excuse, today, for you to buy into their Creative Cloud marketing model, I wanted to point out that this isn’t so great a deal for most of us.

Editor’s note: These are the opinions of _AnnieAjar;

some of us here use the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Read at your own risk 😉

To me, a happy owner of the regular kind of Adobe apps (those on disk) it looks like the Creative Cloud subscriptions are a version of those lousy ‘rent-to-own’ deals, except that you never ever get to own!!!    You just keep paying and paying till you run out of money, or the money to upgrade your old crappy computer (the Cloud requires you to upgrade to newest versions), then your subscription stops and you have nothing; no version of Photoshop. I can’t live without my ‘perpetual license’ version of Photoshop.

Sometimes, Adobe even makes it hard for you to buy the regular kind; they often bury it under the subscription links. Here are our links to the real things:

So, don’t buy into the Cloud thing unless you can afford to keep paying forever, or you need the latest greatest. Then, I guess it’s ok.


Author: AnnieAjar

4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Buy – the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription – I Need My Photoshop

  1. Annie,
    I totally agree with you. I will not do “cloud” anything.
    Happy Holidays.

    For the New Year, hope is that Adobe returns to the sane way to do business.

    It is all about GREED !!!!!!

    1. Well, I agree it’s all about marketing.
      For those who don’t remember, Adobe was in deep financial woes a few years ago, with the prospect of Photoshop bye bye.

      Now that they are doing better, at least marketing-wise, I’m complaining ! 😛

  2. I will not buy into any subscription software. Now, Microsoft is following Adobe by doing the same thing with the next version of Office. What happens if your internet connection is not available for it to verify that you are using a valid version of the software?

    Plus, for some of us, it’s not a good investment to upgrade to the newest, greatest all of the time. CS4 is still making money for me. It won’t increase my income to upgrade to CS6.

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