Why yet another photo blog?

Photo Title: Danger

Why yet another photo blog?

There are many sites ‘focused’ on photography, of course.
Most of those sites are hardware oriented (cameras, equipment, software, gadgets, etc.) and look only at the ‘stuff’ or the ‘how-to’.

I expect to cover that and much more.
This site takes a broader view and will tackle all things photographic:
the art of if
the love of it
the cost of it
the thrill of it

Ideas and thoughts about what photography means to our lives
and why we put up with the difficulties of it.

Photography is endlessly expensive, time consuming, requires expensive fragile stuff, which must be carried around, protected, and babied.
So why do we do it?

I, myself, can quit any time I want to. Really. I can.
I just choooose not to.

So, enjoy, and participate.

Ken Storch

Author: P U

7 thoughts on “Why yet another photo blog?

  1. silvio,

    I was really pleased to get the shot.
    The interplay of tenderness, fragility and the danger sign was just so quietly dramatic.

    Ken Storch

  2. I love the site so far and that you will cover the love & art & cost & thrill of photography. There definitely isn’t enough of that out there. Also it’s nice to see some Ken Storch work…in color!

    1. Hey there Alyssa,
      Thanks for the support.
      Are you getting a Feed?
      or email? If you try email and don’t get anything in the next few days let me know. thnx
      GooGoo broke something yesterday so I’m checking on what people are actually receiving.

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