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Feb 012009
               Mad Men

Photo Title: Mad Men

Why Your Next Digital Camera Sux!

And, the one you buy after that, too!

That’s because we are still in the adolescent years of digital imaging.
There are the growing pains for example:

*Changing chip sizes
*Changing file formats
*Changing software
*Changing computer operating systems
*Changing memory card formats

And, what about:

*More hard drive space
*Lack of archival storage of images

And, there are the psychic scars caused by watching the price of your just-bought, but not-yet-delivered

The technology is a moving target.
It is always ahead of us, even we finally decide to jump on the train, buy a camera, or new computer or whatever,
the one we get on is late out of the station,
and the next one looks better, goes faster, and gets you to better and better places.

Your next digital camera will suck time, money and effort like the last one you bought and the one after the next.

Keep shooting!


Ken Storch

  7 Responses to “Why Your Next Digital Camera Will Suck!”

  1. Hah! this is sooo true!

  2. wow
    and i just ordered a new nikon d300.
    it’s in the mail.

  3. oh yeah i forgot

    that madmen shot is really great!

  4. silvio,

    and i just ordered a new nikon d300.
    it’s in the mail.”

    Swell. It is a great camera and you’ll get lots out of it.
    The Nikon D300 paired with a good lens produces some of the better digital photographs that I’ve seen. It does very fine in color, and the RAW digital images convert well to B&W, especially in the newer versions of Adobe Camera RAW in CS4.

    Send some pix when you’ve got something you really like.

    I’ll be setting up a contest or two in the near future.

    Ken Storch

  5. I’m mad they r mad all men should be mad about the economic ripoff

  6. My last digital camera definitely sucked, right into a volcano!

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