Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Photoshop CS6 Availability and Upgrade Policy Clarified

Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Will Be Available
Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Will Be Available


Adobe Makes It Official – Special Introductory Upgrade Prices on Creative Suite 6 CS6 – For the Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has clarified what forms the Creative Suite 6 and Photoshop CS6 will be offered in. has received permission directly from Adobe to release this information, and we are finally able to inform you. has been concerned about these changes, since it was first mentioned publicly (Adobe Featured Blogs), and has been working to get our readers clear statements from Adobe. The information we’ve obtained and published in this post is up-to-the-minute, and fully sanctioned from official Adobe sources.

CS6 will be the center of the ‘Adobe Creative Cloud‘ offerings (Adobe Creative Cloud PR .pdf), however, Adobe will continue to offer the same kind of packages available today for CS5 and CS5.5.

Adobe CS6 applications will be sold as:

  • Upgrades and full versions (just like today)
  • Individual products and suites (also as with CS5 and CS5.5)
  • Individual product purchases and volume licensing (like school and business sites)

Adobe’s CS6 Upgrade Policy has also been the subject of much concern throughout the imaging community. An announcement made in November confused customers and writers alike. There was a huge flurry of blog posts, and forum discussions. See: Adobe to Eliminate Upgrades from Earlier Versions – Only CS5 and CS5.5 Will Be Eligible for Upgrade to Adobe CS6 Products

Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 Upgrade eligibility:

  • Currently: Upgrade prices are discounted for users having 2 or 3 versions back from whatever is new
  • For the next version (CS6)
    • Upgrade price will only be provided to users having CS5 or CS5.5 at the time CS6 is released
  • There will be a 20% Promo discount for eligible upgrading to the latest version

You do not have to upgrade by December 31, 2011 as many people have confusedly believed.

This will be happening for the next versions of the Creative Suites, and Photoshop, for sure.
adobe holiday selected sale discounts


There are currently reduced price offers from Adobe, and JourneyEd official academic retailer.

Adobe Academic Student + Faculty Software Prices


I hope this helps sort out what options Adobe will be providing in the future.

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