Adobe Photoshop CS5 Sneak Peek Videos – JDI – Just Do It Video – Painting Video

Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Just Do It - Sneak Peak video

Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, introduces some new CS5 features in a ‘sneak peek’ video. Well, it’s not really a total secret sneak peak since John Nack posted it on his blog, but…it is the realization of requests by users like you in the way that Photoshop will perform certain tasks. Just Do It is the new directive tag.

See the video of the still shown above
on YouTube (2:13 min) here:  Adobe Photoshop CS5 – “Just Do It” Sneak Peek

And, there is another video by Adobe Product Manager Zorana Gee showing some of the new (to be included in Photoshop CS5 ?) brush painting technologies.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Painting + Brush Technology

On YouTube (2:33 min) here: Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Painting Sneak Peek

Enjoy these teasers.

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Can you guess?
Can you guess?

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