Candid Camera Photos of Animals in the Wild


Organization for Tropical Studies as part of the TEAM Network Partnership/
Volcan Barva, Costa Rica. Puma concolor (Cougar) - “First Global Camera Trap Mammal Study”

52,000 candid photos of 105 species of animal in the wild have been released by Conservation International, covering 7 protected areas. The First Global Camera Trap Mammal Study photos give insight into the lives of the animals with a focus on a global study of declining mammal populations.

Museo delle Scienze (Trento Museum of Science) as part of the TEAM Network Partnership/
Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania. Loxodonta africana (African elephant) “Global Camera Trap Mammal” study

Fast facts:

  • Americas, Africa and Asia
  • Seven sites:
    • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda)
    • Udzungwa Mountains National Park (Tanzania)
    • Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (Indonesia)
    • Nam Kading National Protected Area (Lao PDR)
    • Central Suriname Nature Reserve (Suriname)
    • Manaus (Brazil)
    • Volcan Barva Transect (Costa Rica)
  • 420 cameras used
  • 60 cameras in each site
  • 1 camera every 2 square kilometers
  • Cameras were set up for a month in each place
  • Timeframe of data analyzed in the paper: 2008-2010
  • Number of sites being monitored today: 17

All images: Organization for Tropical Studies as part of the TEAM Network Partnership

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2 thoughts on “Candid Camera Photos of Animals in the Wild

    1. Ah, yes.
      If I remove my tongue from cheek long enough to excerpt from, say, wikipedia,
      “Candid photography is best described as un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive. ”
      or from wiktionary,
      “A spontaneous or unposed photograph; Impartial and free from prejudice; Straightforward, open and sincere; ”

      Perhaps, with less of the photographer’s eye toward composition, moment, and such aesthetic aspects of technique…and with no forewarning to the subjects.

      Also from wiki[pedia, “Candid photography is opposed to the stalking involved in animal photography, sports photography or photographic journalistic intrusion, which all have a focus on getting distant objects photographed, e.g. by using telephoto lenses.” Well, these are closer up with wider lenses, anyway. 😉

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