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Nov 052011
Dark Water - Brian Matthew Hart - 2011

Dark Water - Brian Matthew Hart - 2011

Highly detailed painted light photographs.

Visually complex, and vibrant photographs made from long exposures and, often, composite montages of multiple photos in planned arrays, by Brian Matthew Hart.

His website is minimalistic in form and content, but the images are well worth a look. Details are sparse.

It looks like he used light sources, like flashlights with colored filters, in a dark room, aimed back at the camera during long exposures. The lights are moved in such a way as to ‘draw’ the image in free space. For many of the images, they were done in pieces then assembled  together resulting in large montaged arrays.

Brian Matthew Hart – website of some images

Brilliant Light Paintings – Post by EDW Lynch



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  1. wow, very cool, thanks for posting

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